Sealed Air Celebrates Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day with Second Hall of Fame Induction

Bob & Gael Spishak's Bubble Wrap<sup>®</sup> Dish

The first European inductees to the Bubble Wrap® Hall of Fame, Bob and Gael Spishak, from the UK, are part of a small group of glass artists. They have created a magnificent glass Bubble Wrap® dish, which is now a prized possession for the couple. They even take it on global trips to show to friends abroad.

Bob and Gael said: “Bubble Wrap® seemed such an exciting product to test our skills with. Bob does most of the work, and I take all the credit! Bob and I met each other in 1991 and have worked on creative projects ever since, taking inspiration from the world around us.

“We made Sealed Air aware of the Bubble Wrap® dish just as a point of interest – we never expected anything like this.

“We are delighted to be part of the Bubble Wrap® Hall of Fame. It is a real honor!”

Bob and Gael Spishak join American Eric Buss as part of the Hall of Fame. Eric created a Bubble Wrap® Bike, and placed a video of it on YouTube which has received nearly 2 million views.