Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day “Goes Big” with Dude Perfect

Iconic Brand Partners with Internet Video Sensations for Annual Celebration

Dude Perfect

Today marks the 15th Annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day, a day when the world celebrates the fun side of a material that has protected millions of products over the last 55 years. To share in the excitement of fans popping Bubble Wrap® worldwide, Sealed Air Corporation, the inventors of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, has teamed with internet sensations Dude Perfect to create a one-of-a-kind Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day video for a big on-line “pop.”

“Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day provides fans around the world a chance to celebrate the protection, fun and creativity that this iconic packaging material delivers all year round,” said Dave Weiss, Business Manager at Sealed Air Corporation. “To take the annual celebration to the next level, we knew partnering with Dude Perfect for their latest video and having them unveil it on the holiday was the way to create something memorable, fun, and exciting for our fans and theirs.”

Dude Perfect took the Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day celebration to Charlotte, NC, the new home and global headquarters of Sealed Air Corporation. Armed with enough Bubble Wrap® material to make even the biggest enthusiast jealous, Dude Perfect put the pop-ular protective packaging material to the test. From Bubble Wrap® jousting and paintball duels, to scooter races and sumo wrestling, Dude Perfect celebrated the 15th Annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day the way only the biggest of fans do – BIG!

“Teaming up with Sealed Air Corporation for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was absolutely amazing,” said Jeff Toney, Business Manager for Dude Perfect. “Every one of us at Dude Perfect has a great memory with Bubble Wrap, so to be able to celebrate this holiday in our latest video and showcase it to not only our fans, but with Bubble Wrap fans around the globe is really exciting.”


More On Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day and Bubble Wrap®

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day, first celebrated in 2001, is recognized on the last Monday in January each year. In recent years, Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day has reached new heights, from setting the Guinness World Record for “the most people popping Bubble Wrap® at one time,” to unveiling the Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame and inducting first-ever Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Famer Eric Buss and his Bubble Wrap® Bike.

This iconic packaging material, invented in Hawthorne, New Jersey back in 1957, has become a cultural icon celebrated by millions around the globe. The originally intended use for Bubble Wrap® was entirely different than how it is used today. Inventors Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding originally developed a plastic they hoped to market as textured wallpaper. When that idea did not take off, the inventors began to have some success marketing the product as a greenhouse insulator.

Chavannes then realized that Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning could be used as an improvement from paper and old newspapers for cushioning fragile items. Once the opportunity was identified, the inventors worked hard on the manufacturing process or Bubble Wrap® cushioning in an effort to create an ideal packaging material. After a lot of tinkering, they developed a special, proprietary barrier protection which prevented air from leaking and resulted in the crisp “Pop” that Bubble Wrap® brand is famous for.

Fans around the world celebrating the 15th annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day can go to BubbleWrapFun.com for additional Bubble Wrap® fun.