Yes, I'm the Bonterra vineyard manager, but I am also the caretaker of this land.
By nourishing the land, and treating it with respect, I know that the land will give back its finest fruits.
When I farm organically, I better understand what's happening in the vineyard, and I become a better farmer.


Bonterra's commitment to organic vineyard management is based on farming fundamentals: building organic matter in the soil with cover crops, welcoming the natural predators of vineyard pests, controlling weeds by physical means, and encouraging natural air flow around the fruit. Most importantly, we constantly expand our use of organic viticulture techniques.

Different philosophies abound when it comes to organic farming. At Bonterra, we've developed our own philosophy based on what we know works. Here you can discover what comprises this philosophy. You will also find information on the specific "elements" of our organic viticulture program.